India faces the challenge of balancing food production for the growing population demanding more and better quality food (protein rich nutitions) using  dwindling natural resource base (land, water and energy resources) and growing environmental concerns. . More...


With world population likely to hit 9 billion by 2050, pressure on land and the depleting water tables is bound to compromise seriously the

global food & nutritional security.  More ...


Any powerful technology is bound to raise concern on its use in the society. Biotechnology applications are no exceptions, especially those related to genetic modification (GM technology). Read More...

Current Debate on GM Crops

  1. Dr. Paroda's (member TEC) report submitted to Hon'ble Supreme Court of India more
  2. In 2005, NGO groups lead by  activist Aruna Rodrigues filed a public interest lawsuit against the Union of India, calling for the Central Government to place a moratorium on G.M. crops until new regulations for plant biotechnology were established, and government issues were solved. more  1
  3. ABLE Ag Submission on Aug 3 at Hyderabad


The benefits of biotechnology, particularly those from GM crops are numerous and wide ranging.    More...

News Alerts

1.  Mark Lynas: The Human Face of the GM Debate

In the latest episode of the new Farming First TV series, we speak to environmentalist and author Mark Lynas about the continuing debate surrounding genetically modified (GM) foods.

Watch  video for the full interview with Mark Lynas:

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ABLE-Agriculture Focus group Met Hon'ble Agriculture Minister

Sh Radha Mohan Singh


 1.   Symposium on Bioenergy for Sustainable Development.  The potential Role of Sugar Crop, June 23-25, 2014- Coimbatore (T.N.)  

 2.   Calender Events 2014

ABLE AG arguments in favour of continuing GM trials in the country

Sustainibility of Biotech crops

Biotechnology applications in agriculture should be a part of the package of solutions to address the economic and social needs of a growing population. As per ISAAA brief 44 report more than 18 million farmers in 27 countries planted 175m ha of biotech crops in 2013, reflecting a five million or three percent increase in global biotech crop hectarage. It is time our nation witnessed concerted action for farmers, science, and economic growth. While science and technology is very precise, perceptions could be subjective; hence it is important to look at scientific facts in such matters.

Myths and Facts on GM Crops in India

Biotech Crops, graph, infographics, 2013 Global Biotech report, report on GM Crops



What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is “the application of biological research techniques to the development of products which improve human heath, animal health and agriculture.”


How can Biotechnology be classified?


Field Trials of GM crops to begin soon

Friday, August 22, 2014
Zia Haq, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, August 22, 2014
First Published: 00:12 IST(22/8/2014)
Last Updated: 00:14 IST(22/8/2014) Print

Field trial of GM crops to begin soon: Javadekar

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